Fourth Dimensional Insights

Elly Molina
2 min readJul 23, 2020


Learning the 3 R’s.. not rest, relaxation, recharge

Albert Einstein

Here are some important spiritual insights to guide us along into the 4th Dimension as our levels of consciousness radically shift from the 3D to higher levels. The 4th Dimensional thinking and living I refer to is not from New Age sources; rather it follows the teachings of Abdullah, the Ethiopian Mystic, who taught Neville Goddard and Dr. Joseph Murphy, back in the 1930’s, during the Great Depression. If you listen or partake in conversation with someone today, look for the 3 R’s. The average person either shares a regret they’ve had, a resentment towards another or a situation, or resistance towards something or someone more than once during the day in conversation with others or self talk.

Practicing these levels of conscious awareness allows us to enter into the fourth dimension of consciousness. Being present allows us to have a simpler more abundant life than the life of resentment, resistance and regret.

Today, as you go through your life, pay attention to your 3R’s. Catch and change those conversations immediately. Nothing is more powerful than your words! There’s a story about a herd of wild elephants that were kept in an enclosure made of stakes and low ropes. The elephants believed they were trapped because of the illusion of the ropes keeping them confined. In reality, the ropes were low enough for them to step over and find their freedom.

We keep ourselves confined in imaginary bondage by thoughts of regret, resentment and resistance to change and the unknown. If you’re ready to step over your ropes, let your intuition guide you and begin your personal journey of following what your heart and soul long for.

You’ve got an inner compass that is leading you all the time when you step back and allow yourself to hear it and overcome your 3R’s.

So, when destiny calls & pulls at your soul, follow!



Elly Molina

NY based international intuitive advisor, author & founder of the PsikidsAcademy, a magical place that teaches human potential.