Three Unique Strategies To Achieve & Accomplish Your Burning Desires Now

Elly Molina
3 min readAug 25, 2021

Remember the last time you had a burning desire? I mean a genuine burning desire? You know the kind of desire you just have to have? It’s like you’re consumed and all you can focus on is having or achieving or doing? I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve had this or have it. I KNOW I have.

  1. Realize that you’re being consumed by a strong burning desire.

Something so simple is often overlooked. The conscious realization and claiming your burning desire creates an awareness to be seen and approached from a different perspective. Imagine taking a bird’s eye view of your desire and your actions around it. Become the observer of your behavior. Recognize the level of the desire and acknowledge it. This is your first step in attaining it. Avoid labeling it as a negative (ie. obsession, compulsion).

2. Take appropriate actions.

Whenever a burning desire takes over us, most people think they need to use force. What I mean is they go into heavy “doing” mode. They “try to make it happen”. They look to “figure it out” and they take massive action to bring about their result. When we force an outcome the energetic intensity is so powerful and overwhelming it can blow up or dissipate. We’ve hunted it and what happens to a hunted animal? It usually withers and/or dies.

Consequently, in the energy world, when we go after goals with burning desires, they will elude and escape us or just disappear after we’ve caught them. Poof.. gone.. and we are left with an imprint in our subconscious that says, “Whenever I manifest something I really want it just doesn’t work out once I have it”.

What does it look like to take appropriate actions?

We turn to Power. Power expresses itself as an internal energy. It is self confidence, courage, persistence, staying true to what you want when the world around you says “No!” ( no = not now). Power is an internal knowingness. It is trust and faith. It is calm and measured.

3. Know When to Surrender

Surrendering is NOT giving up!! But it IS knowing when to “Let Go and Let God” (Universe/ etc) I often equate it to hanging on to a tree limb over a raging river. The river is the desire, and we’re not going to let go of this branch, no matter what. Suddenly, we gain a certain amount of trust that we have “done what we could” and now it’s time to let our efforts go and take shape in the Universe. We let go of the branch, we give ourselves up to the turbulence, not resisting the raging river for that would be pointless. Suddenly, we find ourselves in the most serene lake, surrounded by trees and lush vegetation. This is surrender for me. Here is where the desires come to meet us.

Again, self talk is vital. When we surrender, we have come to a place of trust, understanding, and a willingness to allow the Universe/God to bring to us that which we have asked for. We maintain the power within us to know it has been done, even if we can not see it in the material world.



Elly Molina

NY based international intuitive advisor, author & founder of the PsikidsAcademy, a magical place that teaches human potential.