Two Years Into Uranus in Taurus… Now What Happens?

Elly Molina
2 min readMar 22, 2021
Image from Unsplash: Bianca-Ackerman

Once upon a time, Astrology and Astronomy were the same. Both Astrologers and Astronomers share the love of the cosmos and continually look to the stars for answers to life’s questions.

Whether you believe in Astrology or not, we know the moon influences the tides, large bodies of water, animals. Water comprises 60–65% of our body. Can planetary influences escape us?

If you’re an Astrology sceptic yet curious if this pseudo science works, how about an experiment? See if astrological influences line up in your life “coincidently”

Back in 2018, I made the following predictions based on historical Astrology. I predicted we would see some interesting monetary happenings. Taurus rules finance and money. It’s really important to know where this conjunction falls in your personal chart and how it might possibly affect your finances.

For sure, it will affect global currency, so if you’re not up on your cryptocurrencies it might be a good time to learn more about this and how it will affect our lives in the next 8 years and that advice was from back in 2018.

We are two years into the Uranus, planet of unexpected surprise, entering Taurus ,where it remains till April 26, 2026. We have five more years to live through insane historical changes, if Uranus lives up to his reputation, and he’s been doing that for sure! He is a game changer! He is the unexpected jarring us in every direction. In the two years he’s been in Taurus, look what’s already happened on the planet. Before we go into predictive Astrology, let’s look at the past.

Uranus entered Taurus last in 1934 and stayed until 1942.

During those years The United States and Europe were working their way out of the Great Depression and Adolf HIlter and Mao Zedong both began their rise to power. Extreme weather happened during those times, powerful and historic earthquakes in Turkey, Pakistan, Romania and Chile. The terrible DustBowl storms and the entire period of Uranus in Taurus is overshadowed by the horrors of World War 2 and the Holocaust.

Since Taurus entered Uranus on March 6, 2019, we’ve seen the largest democracy in the history of the world crippled by the Corona-Virus pandemic. We’ve witnessed the Capital of the United States stormed as if in a dystopian sci-fi novel. Babies and young children perceive life with masks as normal. We are promised the new vaccines will return life to the way we remember it.

How can a person prepare for the unexpected with a Uranus in Taurus transit? Stay informed and pay attention. Listen to the unspoken and be wary of everything you read, hear, or see. Tap into your own intuitive insights and you’ll be able to successfully navigate these next few years using your own intuition and foresight.



Elly Molina

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